Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thomas Byers-Flamenco Guitarist

Thomas Byers gets his masters degree this weekend from NAU and is about to embark on an exciting venture of opening his own business of teaching guitar. His speciality is flamenco, and he is phenomenal! I've known Thomas for a few years, his wife, Amee, is my hair stylist and I would hear about him through her stories, and then I photographed their wedding last summer. All I can say about Thomas is he's one of the most talented, sweetest, genuine guys I've ever met and I am honored to now call him my friend. If you came to the Celebrations Studio Grand Opening party, you probably heard Thomas play for our event. In addition to giving private lessons, he is also available for playing at your wedding and reception, so give him a call! We headed out one afternoon to get some images for his new website. His masters recital is today! Congrats Thomas!

I had Thomas sit on this bench and play while I snapped a few images. I really thought he was going to get some tips! (We should have left the guitar case open! :)

I love this one of Thomas, he's just so sweet and easy to photograph!

Love the texture on this wall!

Congrats Thomas!

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