Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joy and Steve's Blessing

I had the honor to photograph a couple last week during a miraculous time in their life. Steve and Joy are expecting their first baby in two months. Steve and Joy have a yoga philosophy "Why workout when you can work within?" I love that! Check out more about them on their website: You can tell from these images just how happy they are and can you believe just how much Joy is glowing? She is so beautiful and is seeping with wonder and tranquility, not to mention she looks like a super model! I will have a slide show up for them soon. Thank you Steve and Joy for allowing me to share this precious moment with you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Key Lime Pie

I had every intention of uploading an image of the final product: my first homemade, authentic Key Lime Pie, but it didn't work out that way. I squeezed, by hand, 60 key limes for one cup of juice! My hands were pretty tired after that experience! The pie turned out to be very tasty, but not very beautiful. But, I thought the photo above of the key limes was interesting. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Horseshoe Bend, Page Arizona

These photos are from mine and Grant's visit to Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ. This is where the Colorado River makes a complete turn around a beautiful land formation. We should have been there earlier for better light, but it was beautiful even in mid-morning. If you go during the summer, I recommend that you go right at sunrise to avoid the most severe heat. It was already 95F when we got to the overlook at 8:30am! I love shooting landscapes, especially the Colorado River.