Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flagstaff Wedding-Jessica and Don

Jessica and Don were married in the Coconino Forest and had their reception at a romantic place in the woods where they had set up tents and a dance floor. Jessica and Don met in Georgia and fell in love not only with each other, but the Old South as well, so I felt a unique kinship with them. I really had a hard time picking out my favorites, but here are a few. You can see more on my Facebook Account. Congrats Jessica and Don!

I loved Jessica's dress, it was so vintage and beautiful!

This is my favorite portrait of Jessica. Her makeup was by Amee Johnson-Byers and hair by Leigh Call. Both are at About Hair and More in Flagstaff.

The ceremony was so sweet. I teared up when Jessica started crying here. What a moment!

I see lanterns a lot at outdoor receptions, but these were just gorgeous. It made the forest seem particularly enchanted that evening. I also love how Don is singing to Jessica here!

My favorite light is right at sunset and right at dusk. You can get some beautiful images!

The couple brought their favorite wine with them back from Napa. I didn't have any, but it sure looked good!

Finally, the happy couple! Congrats!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Sessions-Sophie and Chloe

Sophie and Chloe are the daughters of two dear friends of mine, Angela and Jon Kircher. I was there for Sophie's christening, Chloe's first days of life and lots of moments in between. When Jon was accepted to Law School last year, I was so happy for him and his family and a little bit devastated. Although Phoenix is only two hours away, with my husband and my crazy schedules, it might as well be a world away. So, when I get to see them, it's that much more special. I've always wanted a little girl, and when Angela had two, I sort of adopted them as my own. These girls are my family. Blood or not. And, I always hope they know how much I love them and that I'll always be there for them. Here are a few of my favorites. You can see more on my Facebook Account and their slideshow here. Enjoy!

This was my favorite of Sophie. What pretty eyes she has!

Chloe was having a blast playing outside during our session. Sedona is so pretty this time of year.

Sophie looks like a little fairy princess to me here!

Poor Chloe, she fell off the bench during our session and got dirt all in her nose and mouth. I couldn't resist this photo of her once we made sure she was OK. She's a touch little girl!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Sessions-The Lebec Family

Linda and Mike Lebec called me and asked if I would include their dog in their family session. Of course! I think animals really add to the value of our lives and there is nothing more perfect than bringing them along. Especially in the forest, where they can run around. Mike, who is a PT and instructor at NAU, and Linda, who owns her own Physical Thearpy clinic in Sedona, were a lot of fun. Here are only a few of my favorites, but you can see more on my Facebook Account and see their slideshow here.

I absolutely love this photo! Anchovy looks SO happy!

My sister-in-law pointed out that this photo looks like the one that you get when you buy a frame. I never really have thought of it, but where DO those photos come from?

Anchovy is a beautiful, sweet dog. We had a great time throwing sticks and playing around. She's a rescue, like most dogs in Flagstaff. I think they are the best kind!

The walk down to the Arizona Trail is quite amazing. This particular day the leaves were falling and lined the trail perfectly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little America Wedding-Cristina and Mick

Cristina and Mick were married at Little America and what a beautiful wedding! I met Cristina and Mick through their wonderful wedding planner, Christina at Peak Events. Cristina and Mick were busy with the business they own, Planet Beach, and Peak Events really helped this busy couple put together a beautiful event. Here are some of my favorites, but you can see more on my Facebook Account and see their slideshow here. Congrats!

Cristina looked so perfect! Her makeup was done by Heather Wilson and her hair by Scissor Smiths in Flagstaff.

Could the day been any more perfect? I love the grounds at Little America!

I normally post the first kiss, but their embrace after their kiss was so sweet. You can tell just how much they adored one another!

I love the light right after the sun has set. You can get some great images with some creative lighting!