Friday, December 16, 2011

Fabulous Florida Wedding Sneak Peek {Molly & Jon}

I had the pleasure of traveling to Dade City , Florida in November for Molly and Jon's beautiful wedding. I just love how green and lush everything is, makes for a fantastic backdrop!

Molly wore this stunning gown!

Molly, the beautiful bride.

The happy bride and groom!

Congratulations to Molly and Jon! Stay tuned for the rest of their Florida wedding!

Charity Wedding Feature on Hingsight Bride! {Alicia & Kyle}

Thank you Christie from Hindsight Bride for the fabulous feature on Alicia & Kyle's Charity Wedding!

Event Design: KD Event Designs
Dress Designer: Victorian Cowgirl
Shoes: TOMS

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fine Art Canvas {Alicia and Kyle}

I absolutely love it when clients send me photos on how they display their wedding photos in their home and office.  Alicia just sent me these photos of her new canvases and I just had to share them!  You might remember Alicia and Kyle, they got married last October and are the couple behind The Charity Wedding concept.  Kyle is now a chiropractor and owns a clinic, Camp Verde Family and Chiropractic Wellness Center.  Alicia works alongside her husband, and also heads up the very popular wedding and philanthropy website, The Charity Wedding.  In addition, this couple is out and about volunteering all over the state for various charities, and they also foster dogs for Golden Bone Rescue and the Beagle Arizona Rescue Club.  I'm still figuring out when this girl sleeps :)  This is her home office desk and I love how she put a collage above where she works.

 I love the ones that she choose to get printed, they all work together very well!

This one hangs above their fireplace.  I can't think of anything more romantic about this one going there :)

Thanks for sharing Alicia!  Hope you and Kyle have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Audra & Dutch Snow Session {Portrait Photography}

Meet Audra and Dutch!

So cute!  I had so much fun in the snow with these two!

Look at those eyes, what a beauty!

Handsome guy!

What a good boy Dutch is!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NAU Graduation Portrait Session {Isabella}

Every now and then we get to meet an Intern that really impresses us and Isabella is definitely one of those ladies.  We got to know Isabella throughout 2011 while she was an Intern for KD Event Designs.  We would see her work through the day of a wedding, always with a smile, while she managed the success of an event.  Whether she was clearing a table, setting up an escort card display, running to find needle and thread for a bride, or checking with the couple to see if they needed any assistance at the reception, she did it professionally, enthusiastically and with an effortless positive attitude.

Isabella is reaching a milestone this week when she'll be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.  Given Isabella's talent and dedication, we can only imagine what successes she'll accomplish in the future.  

Here's what Kim, of KD Event Designs, has to say about Isabella:
"Isabella is a very creative, sweet and organized individual.  She excels at staying on task under pressure, which is a critical trait needed in the Event Planning and Design field.  I'm very lucky to have her as an asset for my business.  Her future holds many possibilities and I am excited that she has decided to stay with the KD Event Design team for 2012."

Congratulations Isabella!  We look forward to working with you again and wish you the best for your exciting future!
Melissa & Kristen

Let it Snow! Holiday Snow Session with the Mead Family {Family Photographer}

Meet Kirsten, Don, Kendall & their sweet puppies!

Kendall has a way to make her Dad bust out in laughter!

Kendall and her Oro, super cute!

Oh Maggie, you are such a beauty!

There are so many things I love about this photo, how Kirsten and Kendall are laughing, how Don is out of breath from playing with the dogs...a great moment!

Beautiful ladies!

It was cold, but so pretty at Thorpe Park, thanks for being such great sports!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Cracker Jack! {Pet Photography}

Cracker Jack is a lucky rescue pup that has a very loving owner Carol and a fantastic home and yard to play in!

He loves to dig!

Sweet boy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fall Family Session {McMillian Family}

I have had the pleasure of photographing the McMillan Family for the past few years and have watch Angus grow from a tiny baby to this handsome little boy!

Look at his big smile, so cute!

Angus had some fun with the puddles!

Such a sweet family!

Friday, December 2, 2011

VIP Reception Catered by Thornager's on Kiltie Lane

Recently, Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen helped host  "A Hometown Evening,
A Celebration of Edward B. Danson & the Museum of Northern Arizona" at the Orpheum Theater, downtown Flagstaff.  This event was a fundraiser In Support of  the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Edward B. Danson Chair of Anthropology Fund.  Our good friends Karen from Thornager's Catering on Kiltie Lane and Kim from KD Event Designs created this lovely VIP reception for the fundraiser.      

Kim Duncan Event Designs styled the VIP reception with fabulous wood bookshelves and furniture for the amazing food to be displayed.

Thornager's always has delicious, beautiful and creative cuisine!

The beautiful ladies behind Thornager's and KDED!