Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm married!

On March 24th, I became on the luckiest women on earth when I married my best friend, Grant Dunstan. Our wedding was at the Elk's Lodge and was absolutely perfect, due mostly to the efforts to our good friend, Kim Duncan who along with being an Interior Designer, is also a superb wedding event designer. Throughout the wedding planning process, I got the constant question, who was going to photograph my wedding? Of course, our friend, Cameron Clark photographed our event and the results were amazing! Check out our slide show here. She does such beautiful work and I am constantly awed at her talent. The picture at the left was taken by my 16 year old nephew, Blade, as we were saying our vows. We were married in the meadow behind the Elk's Lodge and the morning was awful. When I woke up (at 5am when my brother called me!) it was sleeting and snowing and everyone questioned whether or not we'd get married outside or not. But, it was the one thing that I wanted all along so the Best Man, TC Eberly, built me an aisle out of plywood, rented heaters for the musicians and Kim arranged a standing audience formation. My best friend, Perry Davidson, wrote an amazing poem for the ceremony that had everyone in tears and Grant's cousin sang my favorite John Denver song, 'For You'. I just didn't think in my heart, right then and there, surrounded by our family and friends, that the day could get better. Then, as we were saying our vows, the sky suddenly opened up and rays of sunshine came through the clouds. Since I lost my mom to cancer as a kid, I wondered if I would feel her with me on my wedding day. I think I got my gift from mom with that sun. It was perfect.