Monday, March 14, 2011

Flagstaff Newborn Photography-Baby Alivia

My day always gets a little brighter when I have a newborn session. It's so amazing to me, this tiny little soul in front of my lens, so innocent and sweet. I can never wrap my head around how something so small, can create a love so big.

Little Alivia was such a sweet baby. Never once cried, and her eyes were wide open. It was almost as if she was curious as to what was going on. It has to be strange, to have someone unknown to you so close and making all those noises from the camera.

She has steel gray eyes, so piercing, and so lovely.

I love this last photo of Alivia. I would swear she was smiling at me! Thank you so much for coming in and brightening my day sweet little girl!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Allow me to introduce my new assistant...

Allow me to introduce Kristen Gruber, (soon to be Mrs. J. Justin Carnes!) as the newest addition to my photography business. Originally from California, Kristen went to NAU and obtained a degree in Photography in 2009. She moved to Santa Barbara soon after, but, she eventually found her way back to Arizona in October 2010 and has been with me ever since.

Kristen does everything from marketing, designing albums, print fulfillment, editing, and acts as a great sounding board for all my crazy ideas. She's also pretty good at acting super silly to get all the kids attention:) She's also an exceptional photographer and will be with me for all my weddings and other portrait sessions as my assistant photographer. I'm not sure how I got so lucky to have found her, but I'm so happy to have her by my side. We've got some great, exciting things planned for 2011 so I'll hope you'll follow our journey! Thanks for everything Kristen; you're the best!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sedona Day After Session with Kat & Zach

Kat and Zach decided to be adventeous and do a Day After/Trash the Dress session. I really do wish the term "Trash the Dress" was never made popular, because we really don't trash the dress, well, I've never done that, I have seen it before! But, let's start out by talking a little bit about Kat's dress.

Kat searched all over for the dress of her dreams, and found one, but it was just out of the reach of her budget. Being a very savvy lady, Kat found a gown that had similar qualities of the one she loved, and hired Anne's Alterations to make some modifications to make it the dress of her dreams! Anne will be doing a post on her blog soon about how she transformed an average gown into this beauty! The final look was just gorgeous! If you're in a similar situation, give Anne a call, I'm sure she could help you!

I just LOVE Red Rock Crossing, it's really breathtaking at sunset.

I love this one of beautiful Kat, she was spunky and so great to photograph, not to mention so beautiful!

When it came time to get in the creek, this couple never once complained. It turns out, the custom bottom on the dress also acted as a water reservoir, making the dress very, very, heavy for Kat. Thanks for hanging in there!

I think the final photos are gorgeous, and the dress made it out just fine! (I know that Anne was not so excited to think of her customized gown going in the creek!)

Even Kat's shoes came out with minimal mud! Thanks for a great afternoon guys!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Rock Crossing Wedding, Sedona - Kat & Zach

Kat and Zach were married on the red rocks of Sedona at Red Rock Crossing, just as sun was setting. It was truly a beautiful wedding! You might remember this couple from when I did their engagement session about a year ago in three feet of snow!. (How does time go by so quickly?) Here are a few of my favorites from the day. We were able to do more photographs the day after the wedding; I'll be posting those later this week!

Zach had this custom ring made for her by Will McNabb, isn't it gorgeous?

Kat has such gorgeous hair, I've always been so envious of it! Right after the wedding, she had it all cut off!

Kat ordered this adorable hanger on, it was super cute!

What a beautiful bride!

Kat and her bridesmaids!

I love this look on Kat's face during the adorable!

I can't even imagine a prettier backdrop for a wedding. It makes me just want to sigh...

Another great ceremony moment. Zach is the sweetest!

The trails beside Oak Creek are so pretty, I love the filtered light.

Such a sweet moment between the couple :)

I love using backlight whenever I possible can, I love the way it adds rim light to their hair!

Kat did all the details for the reception at the Heartline Cafe. As the manager at Armadillo Wax Works, she was able to make all the candles on the table and all the candles for the favors. They smelled divine!

One of my favorites!

This is just the first part of the post, check back this week to see this couples' Trash the Dress session!