Monday, September 17, 2007

Diana and Neil Weintraub

Diana and Neil were married on Saturday in a meadow at the base of the San Francisco Peaks. It doesn't really get any better than that! Dianna was such a beautiful bride! Neil, you didn't look so bad either! The ceremony was the quickest one I've ever been to and had me scrambling to the front to get the first kiss. Being they are both friends of mine, it was a blessing to be involved in their day. Congrats Dianna and Neil! To see their entire slideshow go to Click on "Enter Website". Click on "Client". The password is "natra" (of course!).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome to the world Ruby Taylor!

Ruby Taylor came into this world this weekend! She was welcomed by her mom and dad and proud big brothers! I got to hold her and she was so little and sweet. I just love photos of wrinkly newborn babies with their delicate skin and tiny, tiny hands and feet. Can you imagine what they must be thinking? Congrats to the Taylors!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Camp Dunstan

For those of you who know me, you won't disagree with my next statement. If reincarnation exists, I want to come back as one of my animals. Camp Dunstan was lucky to have our canine friend, Kaibee, come visit with us for a week while Cameron and Matt got some long overdue R&R on the beach. We spent the week hiking every day and exploring the mountain that I normally see via mountain bike. It's a completely different experience and allowed me some time to soak in our beautiful wilderness areas. The above photographs are from Doyle Saddle and the Weatherford trail, all part of the Katchina Peak Wilderness. Since bicycles are not allowed in wilderness areas, I rarely make it up there. Our dog, Banjo, had a blast trying to keep up with Kaibee all week! Although, he's been a bit depressed since she left. Take more vacations Cameron and Matt!