Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nathan Jr.

OK, so his name really isn't Nathan Jr., but his name is Nathan, and one of his Dad's favorite movies is Raising Arizona, so it seems fitting. Angie and Dave are wonderful friends of mine and I was so flattered that they asked me to come and take some family photos. I've definitely changed my direction with family photos. I take them now with just as much in mind for the kids, twenty to forty years from now. As I look back on my childhood snapshots I feel like I missed out on a lot of memories. We're all lined up in a studio, in our best Sunday clothes, all smiles for the camera. But that doesn't really help me remember moments. So now, when I'm behind the camera, I always consider this: What do I want to give that kid for his future memories, those fleeting moments often missed? For Nathan, I wanted to help him remember his favorite Red Firetruck (and maybe the song is mom and dad sang about it:), how he loved to explore his backyard, how his Mom and Dad would play with him on the porch, how much he loved being tossed up in the air by his Dad, a photo of him mom making him giggle and then instantly holding him tight to let him know her family is the most important thing in her world. So, here are a few of my favorite images from yesterday. Slide show coming soon! (I have to figure out my new software!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Many Faces of Landon James

Landon just turned three months old. His life started out precarious with a week's stay in Newborn ICU where he fought off infections and jaundice. I'm happy to say he's 110% better now and judging by the smiles on his face, a very happy little boy! This little 3 month old was a joy to work with. He just kept making really funny expressions and I just kept snapping away! Here are some of my favorites from our short time together. Thanks Michelle and Jimmy for sharing your precious little one with me!

I love this photo...he looks so serious and interested in my clicking camera...

I LOVE bright backgrounds with little babies. I couldn't believe this was the color of their bedroom! How lucky can a photographer get?

One interesting thing about Landon...his eyes would change color depending on the lighting. Outside they looked more blue than brown.

This is what Landon thought of my flash:)

This is one photo that I wished more than anything that I had: a photo of my mom kissing me and hugging me.

Just up from a nap and ready to be a super-model!

Dad, Jimmy, and mom, Michelle with their little one.

It's hard work being the center of attention! A pooped Landon crashes out just as our photo session ended. Thanks for having me guys!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jeannie and Will Duncan

Jeannie and Will joined their lives surrounded by close friends and family in their beautiful backyard in Flagstaff. This was my first Jewish ceremony and I was delighted they decided to use the Hoopa, despite the gale force winds. For those of you who don't know, the Hoopa, or the marriage canopy, is a cultural symbol representing the new happy home that the bride and groom will build and create together. The Hoopa is covered on top as a symbol of security and protection and is open on all sides so that family and friends will always feel welcome. I thought it was a great symbol to a wonderful marriage. Below are some images from the day. This cake was made by a friend of the daughter, Holly. It was great! I have to find out her name! The cake was decorated by daughter, Kim Duncan, who is also a great wedding designer. She has a knack of making any event look elegant!

These earrings were worn by Jeannie's friends at other weddings. What a great tradition!

Here's a funny wedding tale: Will had found an old write up from the 1950s on "How to be a good Wife". It described things like "being presentable when your husband comes home...having a cocktail ready for your husband...and having dinner ready for your husband". Will gave it to Jeannie as a joke, but Jeannie had the last laugh! She donned an apron made by her grandmother, and carried a vodka cocktail down the stairs as she met Will.

Here's the cocktail and a copy of the 1950s article:

And here is the look on his face! Isn't that priceless?

Seven blessings were read by guests and family during the wedding. At the heart of a Jewish wedding are the seven blessings. The seven blessings celebrate the source of creation, giving thanks for the gift of each individual life and for human beings who reflect the divine for one another. The blessings rejoice in abundance, in love, and in the power that joins the couple, giving thanks for happiness, peace and companionship.

Jeannie was so excited to walk down the aisle with her close friend.

The couple gathered with friends and family under the hoopa.

Kim made the flowers for the wedding. Here she is with the bridal bouquet during the ring exchange.

Daughter, Holly, reads a poem during the ceremony.

Granddaughter Brooke, isn't she a cutie?

A happy couple! Thanks for letting me be part of your day! Congrats!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Janet & Bobby-May 31st

Janet and Bobby were married at the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Phoenix this past weekend. It was such a beautiful Catholic ceremony! Janet has eight (yes, eight!) brothers and sisters, two wonderful parents and all sorts of other relatives from across the US and they were all able to come out and help Janet celebrate her marriage. Bobby and his groomsmen were so much fun to work with; thanks for making my job easy guys! Here are a few photos from the day. Congrats!

Bobby has a awesome convertible Cadillac and I had to get some photos with it!
Janet looks so happy!

I love veils, they make some great photos!

Here's a photo taken right at sunset, the lighting was just perfect. Janet and Bobby were great about letting me grab them for photos; thank you !