Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peighton Isabella Hope-Five Months Old!

You might remember Peighton from her newborn photos back in August. She has grown into a beautiful little baby! She just turned five months old this month. This baby is HAPPY! With babies, I take a ton of photos and hope to get some cute smiling ones in between other expressions, but not this baby. She grinned the whole time! It was hard to pick out, but here's a few of my favorites from Friday's session:

Peighton's mom, Jenn, had this beautiful red tutu. Seriously, have you ever seen anything so sweet? We were laughing because it was ridiculously cute!

One of Jenn's friends made this hat for Peighton; it was so adorable on her! Peighton kept sticking out her tongue at us when she had it on!

Peighton loved to play with her dress while we were shooting. Here's a couple of her hiding behind the fabric, so cute!

Mom and daughter, in between costume changes! I love little moments like this!

This little girl has a beautiful smile, and it was infectious! I found myself laughing right along with her!

What beautiful eyes you have Peighton! Thanks for the great afternoon!

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