Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chloe and Sophie

I'll admit it, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for these two girls. Meet Chloe and Sophie , two of the cutiest little people I've ever met. Last week I was at the DWF Convention and instead of staying at the overpriced resort, I opted to stay with my great friends, Angela and Jon. Jon started Law School this fall so the family moved down to Phoenix. I do miss them! Here's a few of my favorites! I miss you guys so much!

I saw this pose at the USAImaging show and couldn't resist trying it out on Chloe!

Chloe looked so cute in this tutu!

This photo cracks me up! I asked Sophie if she wanted to have her photo taken, and she nodded yes, then ran straight for the umbrella to hold it above her head. Since I'm training her to be an official Southern Belle, I suppose she had every right to want her parasol with her in the photo!

Sophie has about twenty (no kidding!) princess outfits! Here's one of the many!

Every night, the family sings Christmas carols before they go to bed! I thought that was hilarious!

Chloe has beautiful big, blue eyes!

And finally, a sweet moment between father and daughter! What I wouldn't give to have a photo like this from when I was a little baby.


  1. of course, the Christmas Carol one is my favorite. After listening to that speaker at DWF, I bet you put his heart and soul into action with Big Johnny and his family.. Hi guys! Everyone looks awesome. What a treasure to have these photos!

  2. These photos are beautiful. Of course, I am bias about the subject matter. But really, you are amazingly talented. Thank you. We had a wonderful time with you.

  3. Thanks for making my nieces look soooooo cute! Nice job photoshoping that air vent out too. :)