Monday, November 10, 2008

The Urtuzuastegui Family

Yep, that's the last name. It's Basque, my favorite region in France. It seeps with orange clad Eustakel fans during the Tour de France and it's an amazing place. But, I digress. Here's a sneak peek to the Urtuzuastegui kid's session! I'm sure you'll agree they are really cute! Sign up here to receive a notification via email when all the photos are ready for viewing.

Here's big sister Sienna freezing to death while I tortured her in the cold. Thanks for hanging in there Sienna! You look beautiful!

Little brother Isaiah:

Brother and Sister toes:

Isaiah LOVES his Mickey Mouse!

Sienna reminds me a little of Christina Ricci; very beautiful!

Sienna and Isaiah's Aunt Kristen came along for the shoot. Here she is with her new Gibson Elvis Presley guitar. It was pretty sweet!

What beautiful eyes!

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