Monday, October 13, 2008

From way up North

Grant and I were lucky to have his parents visit last week. About 2-3 times a year, the Dunstan's make a pilgrimage from their home in Northern Minnesota to visit us, and his sister and her family in Texas. Due to hectic work schedules, Grant and I hardly ever get to make the trip to our homes, so it's a real treat when family comes to us. These photos were taken up at Schultz Creek tank. We had enough rain and snow in Flagstaff this year to actually fill it up! The dogs always have a great time swimming and this was actally the place where Banjo learned to swim, thanks to Cameron's dog, Kaibee, teaching him!

Here's some photos from our hike that beautiful day! The pond almost reminds me of home:)

There's a guy from Timberline that brings his horses up to the tank every day. By now, we've come to know them.

Molly, with algae on her nose!

And, finally, Jim, Connie and Grant. We already miss you! Have a safe trip to Texas!

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