Monday, September 29, 2008

Lily & Alexi

Lily and Alexi are a great couple from Phoenix that came up to Flagstaff for some engagement photos. I can't even begin to tell you just how wonderful they were to work with! I wish I could have seen my face when Alexi told me he had arranged for us to go up on the rooftop of the Monte Vista! I really thought I was going to cry. They were a photographer's dream; sweet, in love and up for any of my ideas. Although they kept denying it, I suspect they have been super models in a previous career. I'm sure you won't disagree after you look at the photographs! A couple of their images will be on display at my show this Friday at the First Friday Art Walk at the Shoe's-n-Such store. Alexi and Lily, Thanks for the great afternoon and Congratulations!!

Here's the video!

And some of my favorite images from the afternoon:

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  1. Melissa, I'm speechless... well I suppose I have enough words left to say how impressed I am with Lily and Alexi's shoot. Yes they are clearly from the deep end of the gene pool and a photographers dream but your images of them are all your own and completely fantastic. Congrats to the clearly very happy couple and congrats to you for showing everyone that they care about just how in love they are.