Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sarah and Ashley, Prescott AZ

I love a good love story. I think it's what keeps me falling in love over and over again with every couple that I meet. Sarah and Ashley are no exception. Sarah and Ashley met two years ago as they were each traveling around the world. Sarah lives in Portland, Maine and Ashley lived in Australia. And two years later, they found themselves walking down an aisle in Prescott, AZ. It really doesn't get much more romantic than that. Here is a sampling of some of their images from Saturday. Sign up here to receive information when all of their images are ready for viewing!

Sarah's mother made her dress. It was so wonderful! The lace on the bodice was from a gown of her grandmother's.

Sarah brought this cowboy hat all the way from Maine and the hair clip was made by Ashley's sister who couldn't make it from Australia.

Sarah had a lot of her friends from medical school come to the wedding. It was so amazing to feel how much they cared for her and how happy everyone was for her!

Sarah's friends and family kept commenting on how happy and beautiful she looked and I couldn't agree more!

Ashley and the groomsmen, Ben and Derek, were great about photographs.

Even though you can't tell, it was raining in the below photo. I think the guys must have thought I was a little crazy for standing out in the rain with a plastic bag over my camera!

Here's one of the Aussie's enjoying some of America's most popular beer!

Ashley's parents, Annette and Brian, came all the way from Australia. I LOVED listening to all of the Aussie's talking!

Here's a photo of Mike, Sarah's stepdad, who was the officiant for the wedding. He said some beautiful things about marriage that had everyone laughing and crying at the same time!

The ceremony was a photographers dream! The sun was setting behind the couple and was casting a beautiful glow behind them. This photo was right after Ashley said "I do" and Sarah let out a cute giggle!

I always love the first kiss photo. It's always one of my favorites.

Sarah's mom, aside from making the wedding dress, also made this beautiful cake!

Here's Sarah and her mom, Candace, in the receiving line. Candace was so sweet to work with and went all out for this wedding.

There were a lot of touching speeches at the reception, but I'll always remember this one from Sarah's sister, Phoebe. It was so heartfelt that I almost started to cry!

And finally, the happy couple!

Thank you so much, Sarah and Ashley, for letting me part of your day! I'll never be able to hear the Scarlett O'Hara "Oh Ashley!!" without thinking of you both and your wonderful spirits!

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  1. Hi Melissa-
    I just happened upon your blog. Very nice photos from this wedding. You really captured it.