Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding countdown! {Alex & Kenny}

I met Alex when she worked at Shoes-n-Such boutique back in 2009.  She was one of the sweetest, kindest persons I've ever come across, but I didn't really know how much until I put a post out on my  Facebook page requesting models for my "Gone to the Dogs" show.  In an effort to educate the public about shelter animals, I was putting together a show about rescued dogs and their stories of survival and unconditional love.

Alex wrote me a sweet email describing her rescue of her gorgeous white German Shepherd, Dakota, and I knew I wanted to photograph him for the show.  Alex and Kenny showed up for the shoot with Dakota with enough love for this sweet dog that stopped all pedestrians.  Everyone wanted to know about Dakota, his story and to pet him.  Although the photo session was really focused on Dakota, I knew just by looking at Alex and Kenny, that their engagement session was soon to come.  This couple was giggly, loving and just adored one another, and I fell in love with all three of them that day :)  The below photos are from the actual shoot in 2009, that's one handsome dog don't you think?

Needless to day, when I got the call last summer that Alex and Kenny were engaged, I almost did a little dance in my studio.  When I say they are perfect for one another, that's no exaggeration.  They compliment each other perfectly and it gives my heart joy to know they found each other.

I can't believe their wedding is this month, August 20th!  I can't wait to see them and meet their families.  They are getting married at Foxboro Ranch, known for it's beautiful meadows of sunflowers in August.  Alex is very creative and she and Kim from KD Event Designs have come up with some great designs for the event.  I can't wait to see them!

In the fall we took advantage of some gorgeous canyons in Oak Creek Canyon for their engagement session.  It was beyond beautiful!  This is definitely one of my favorite places to shoot!

About a month ago, I went over to visit Jenn Jones at Madame 2 Sew and discovered Alex's wedding gown waiting to be altered.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to photograph her in it!  As you can see, Alex is breathtaking and that gown is going to look spectacular on her!

I'm so excited for you both!  Thank you for choosing Kristen and I to photograph your wedding.  We can't wait to share the day with you and your families!
Much love,

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  1. Such a cute couple! Love the ones with their dog in front of that bright red door :)