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Kauai Wedding Part 2 {Kristen & J}

This post is a follow up from early June. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a little behind.  It happens every year, I wake up and months have flown by.  I never know how it happens, but it does.  In the process from here to there, I get burned out.  Then I get stressed out, and then I draw a blank.  I love writing and even more than that, I love writing about love.  But, in my need to eloquently decribe the beautiful unfoldings of a wedding day, sometimes, I can't write.  I want to get it perfect, to make you, the reader, feel like they were there.  

This year, I'm determined to be a better blogger, to share the stories that I see and feel.  So last evening, in an effort to reflect, I took my two dogs out for a long hike.  And, when I finished, I was renewed, refreshed and felt so much better.  So, thank you for coming back and forgiving me for my out of sync blogging behavior. :)

Now that I'm refreshed, I'll attempt to tell you just how beautiful this day was...

Kristen, like a lot of brides, wanted a stress free wedding day.  To accomplish that, she hired Ash at the Relish Salon in Hanalei to pamper her the morning of her wedding with a beautiful hair design.  I know one of the best things in the world is to sit in the chair of a salon and just relax, and I was so happy to see her do just that!  I think every bride should take a couple of hours to herself on the morning of her wedding.  I remember when I was at the salon with Kristen she just kept smiling.  When her mom and sister arrived two hours later, Kristen was ready to celebrate.  There was no stresses, only happiness.  I wish this for all of my brides.

Kristen got ready at the Hanalei Colony Resort with her friends and family.  One special friend, Robin, couldn't make the trip to Kauai due to a new job.  But, thanks to modern technology, and for their friend Craig carrying around a laptop all day, she was able to join via Skype.  I'll never forget the moment when Craig opened up the computer and Robin's voice came out.  Kristen burst into tears at the sound of her dear friend's voice, which made us all tear up!  What a great present!

Kristen looked absolutely perfect for her wedding. Ash styled her hair into a perfect soft design which looked seamless with the tropic environment.  The bride also wore pearls that were a family heirloom of J's grandmother.  I loved their soft ivory color, it looked so beautiful with her gown!  And this lady has some beautiful eyes!  

Kristen wore a dress from JCrew, a beautiful crinkled chiffon number with delicate fabric flowers.  It looked so enchanting in the warm breeze of the ocean.  She choose to carry a single King Protea flower as her bouquet.  Simply stunning!

Kristen has the kind of family that you met in one minute, and they immediately make you feel like one of the family in the next.  I might be presumptuous, but I think I even received an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner!  There was never an awkward moment for me during the whole weekend, they were so genuine and welcoming.  Kristen's sister, Melissa, is on the left and her mom, Lynda, is on the right.  And yes, they are as sweet as they are gorgeous!

Kristen and J found a wonderful Hawaiian musician, Kenny Ray Rapozzo, to play the ukulele during the wedding.  I love the sound of live music during a ceremony.  Somehow, it adds a layer of romance to already sweet event.  What a perfect sound for a tropical ceremony!

Here is one of my favorites of Grant, J's brother, and Melissa, Kristen's sister, walking down the aisle.  How cute are they?

This photo gets me every time, when J sees his bride walking towards him.  It always propels me back to my own wedding day.  I know this look, so genuine and loving.  There is no better way to start your life together, than to slowly walk to the man of your dreams.  I'm so glad they found each other!

Kristen and her Dad, John, look so sweet walking down the aisle.  I loved her Dad's suit of a seersucker jacket, plaid pocket square and white pants; he looks absolutely smashing!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful place to get married?  Julie Wirtz wrote a sweet ceremony for the couple that only made the whole event more meaningful and beautiful.  I wish I had caught a humpback whale breaching in the background.  I must have seen a dozen of them during my stay in Kauai!  Breathtaking!

Melissa's bouquet was also protea flowers, gorgeous!

I think I might have teared up at this very moment during the ceremony.  Kristen and J were so loving during their vows and we were all getting choked up!

There is something so romantic about the First Kiss!  Add in the South Pacific, a sweet gentle ocean breeze and the smell of plumeria... and it becomes heaven!

I can't wait to show you more tomorrow!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. She truly was a gorgeous Bride! The wedding looked like it was amazing!