Friday, April 22, 2011

The Charity Wedding-Sedona

I first met Alicia and Kyle over coffee in Flagstaff. There, they unveiled a plan to make their wedding benefit their community and a way to give back and raise awareness for some community based non-profits. In the end, the two non-profits that benefited were Camp Soaring Eagle, a camp for sick children, and the Second Chance Center for Animals, a no kill shelter in Flagstaff that also offers low cost medical care, education and emergency care for animals.

I'm no stranger to volunteer work. I've always believed that giving our time, and money to those in need is part of why we're here on this big blue ball we call Earth. I really, really, really do feel passionate about that statement. As an adolescent, I worked in the shadow of my father with the Kiwanis Club, in High School I was heavily involved in Key Club. In college, I gave my time to Habitat for Humanity and the Athens GA Area Humane Society. Currently, I am on the board of Flagstaff Biking Organization and am active with the Safe Kids Coalition. I've always donated at least five hours a week to charity work and donated my money when I could. So, when Alicia and Kyle outlined their plan, I knew I really wanted to be part of their wedding. Lucky for me, they did pick me to photograph their wedding.

This wedding is going to have to be split out in a few posts, so bare with me over the next few days :)

The Charity Wedding of Alicia & Kyle French took place in Sedona at the Tequa Festival Market Place. The reception had a very romantic rooftop feel created by Kim Duncan at KD Event Designs. Kim is simply fabulous. She can take any idea you have, weave a bit of your personality into it, and make your wedding absolutely stunning. I've had the fortune to be present during some of her consults, and it's really remarkable how many times I hear the couple gasp, "That's EXACTLY what I want, I just didn't know how to put it together!".

All of the details of the wedding including the details of Alicia's attire were handmade, borrowed, and recycled. The red accents of the shoes and flowers represented The American Heart Association, a sweet tribute to Kim Duncan's beautiful mom, Sandy Duncan, who sadly lost her life to heart complications. The beautiful red flower and flower bridal belt were designed by Emici Bridal.

The gorgeous fall bouquet was designed by Dana at Glamorous Occasions. Dana has a knack with flowers, textures and the best way to put all the flowers together. Floral art has always mystified me. When the flowers for Alicia's wedding arrived, I was so excited to see the end product. And, Dana did not disappoint. I loved Alicia's flowers. So elegant!

Donna Joy at Sedona Sweet Arts worked with Alicia and Kyle to create this simply stunning cake. The amount of care and love she uses to create these handmade pastillage flowers makes them that much more beautiful. If you ever have the fortune to meet Donna you'll know why her cakes are do divine. She's definitely one of the sweetest souls I've ever met and this inner beauty always come though in her work. Oh, and they are delicious! If you're ever in Sedona, you MUST plan a trip to her bakery. I love just stopping in and having a delicious piece of cake, or maybe a hand made chocolate. Yummy!

More to come next week! Thanks for involving me Alicia and Kyle!


  1. No, Thank you for everything you did!!! Multiple people have told us that they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen! Grandma's might be biased but we agree! :)

  2. What awesome pictures! You are very talented