Saturday, February 13, 2010

Phoenix Wedding Photography-Assisting Sierra Blanco Photography

A few times a year, I get the opportunity to shoot with some amazing photographers. In January, Tina with Sierra Blanco Photography asked me to assist her at a beautiful wedding at the The Castle at Ashley Manor. This wedding had a photo booth, and I LOVE photo booths! Luckily, Tina and I share a similar sense of humor, and we both had the same idea at the same time! That's Tina on the left with the big leopard hat and I'm on the right in the hot pink boa. The wedding was gorgeous, and I loved working with the groom and his friends. Congrats to Brady and Sarah!

Brady was so much fun and he and his friends had me giggling for the majority of the time. Being an assistant photographer is a lot of fun because I normally don't get to hang out with the guys this much.

It took almost zero prompting to get this shot, what a bunch of fun friends Brady has!

The Castle at Ashely Manor was really beautiful! I loved the chandeliers!

This wedding has some gorgeous kids!

One advantage of having an assistant photographer is having them able to roam around the ceremony site to take photos like this. You just can't be two places at one time. This was during the ring exchange and Tina was up front getting the tight shots of the couple.

Brady was such a sweet and sentimental man. He wanted everything to be perfect from his bride. It was really touching.

The speeches were filled with laughs and tears; I even teared up a couple of times!

I've seen more sparkler exits this year than I have in the past. They make gorgeous photos! Tina was at the front of the exit, I can't wait to see her photo of this from her angle!

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  1. I LOVE these photos Melissa!!! Thank you so much for shooting with me on this wedding ... it was so much fun :-)!!

    Tina / Sierra Blanco