Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little America Wedding-Cristina and Mick

Cristina and Mick were married at Little America and what a beautiful wedding! I met Cristina and Mick through their wonderful wedding planner, Christina at Peak Events. Cristina and Mick were busy with the business they own, Planet Beach, and Peak Events really helped this busy couple put together a beautiful event. Here are some of my favorites, but you can see more on my Facebook Account and see their slideshow here. Congrats!

Cristina looked so perfect! Her makeup was done by Heather Wilson and her hair by Scissor Smiths in Flagstaff.

Could the day been any more perfect? I love the grounds at Little America!

I normally post the first kiss, but their embrace after their kiss was so sweet. You can tell just how much they adored one another!

I love the light right after the sun has set. You can get some great images with some creative lighting!

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  1. These are beautiful Melissa!! Although it is a very pretty venue, I don't always find Little America to be the easiest place to take photos and you did such a lovely job!

    Tina - Sierra Blanco Photography