Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Sessions-Sophie and Chloe

Sophie and Chloe are the daughters of two dear friends of mine, Angela and Jon Kircher. I was there for Sophie's christening, Chloe's first days of life and lots of moments in between. When Jon was accepted to Law School last year, I was so happy for him and his family and a little bit devastated. Although Phoenix is only two hours away, with my husband and my crazy schedules, it might as well be a world away. So, when I get to see them, it's that much more special. I've always wanted a little girl, and when Angela had two, I sort of adopted them as my own. These girls are my family. Blood or not. And, I always hope they know how much I love them and that I'll always be there for them. Here are a few of my favorites. You can see more on my Facebook Account and their slideshow here. Enjoy!

This was my favorite of Sophie. What pretty eyes she has!

Chloe was having a blast playing outside during our session. Sedona is so pretty this time of year.

Sophie looks like a little fairy princess to me here!

Poor Chloe, she fell off the bench during our session and got dirt all in her nose and mouth. I couldn't resist this photo of her once we made sure she was OK. She's a touch little girl!

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  1. Jonny & Ang are in trouble! They are beautiful girls! Fantastic photos Melissa!