Monday, December 22, 2008

Audrey & Brandon-Tapatio Cliffs Resort

I met Audrey and Brandon at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort for their engagement shoot last weekend. They are getting married on a cruise next month and I'm really sad I won't be there for the wedding. Audrey is going to be a stunning bride! But, we're going to do a post-wedding session at the end of January and that's going to fun! They were a blast to work with and I love the images that we got from the day. Here are some of my favorites!
I loved the contrast with the sun shining through these classic iron archway:
We couldn't resist this staircase either. I saw this image in black and white before I even pulled this one up on my computer!
This one was shot in direct sun, but I love the shadows!
Audrey is so beautiful! Brandon was behind me when this was taken telling me all of her nicknames! The secret is safe with me Brandon!
Brandon's been told he looks a lot like Sean Penn. I really didn't see it until I started developing the photos!
The resort had some really interesting iron gates. I love this one!
We were in the elevator when I snapped this one.
What pretty eyes!
Finally the happy couple; thanks for giving me the opportunity guys!

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