Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tlaquepaque Wedding

In my past three years of photographing weddings, I've somehow evaded photographing at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. Within the shopping plaza, there is a beautiful, intimate chapel, perfect for a wedding with guests under 40 people. When Scott, the groom, called me one afternoon and asked me to photograph his upcoming ceremony, I was thrilled!

I loved Angelica's gown! It was custom made for her and just perfect. The best part is that Scott arranged for all of it...the measurements, the style, narrowing it down to six choices for her family to choose from. This groom should really be a wedding planner!

We chose this small courtyard for Scott and Angelica's first meeting. It provided a great vantage point where I could get a bird's eye view of them, and well, it's just enchanting. I love this photo!

It was raining that afternoon, but it didn't deter this sweet couple from having their special moment. You could just tell from being around them, how much they adored one another.

Inside the's just so peaceful in there!

The reception, at the HeartLine Cafe (one of my favorite restaurants in Sedona! I use their cookbook all the time...yummy!), was decorated head to toe with silver and blue. Scott had arranged for a traditional Mariachi Band to serenade the attendees. It was a surprise to his bride, who is from Mexico City. Being that Angelica is doing her Fellowship in Cardiology, she didn't have a lot of free time to spend on wedding planning. Scott really stepped up and did everything!

Oh, I LOVE Basset Hounds! I wish I had a recording of their cute! Their ears are so long they were dragging on the ground, getting everything wet and dirty that they touched. But, this couple didn't care, these guys are their family and I'm so glad we got a photo!

I love the umbrellas in all these photos!

These two photos are from their first dance. I love their expressions, so much in love! Congrats you two!

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