Thursday, April 2, 2009

Martin Fagan-Irish Olympian

When Martin's Coach, Greg McMillan, contacted me to do Martin's photo session, I was pretty excited. THEN, I started doing a little internet research on Martin to try to get a feel for his style. Martin is a professional runner and Irish Olympian. I slowly started to find out he's been breaking records and is kind of like a rock star in the running world. Add to that my husband's admiration for him, and then suddenly, I was a ball of nerves! Martin is probably the most famous person I've ever photographed but more than anything, I really just wanted to get it right for him. But then Martin showed up for the session and he was one of the most humble, sweet, funny and gracious people I've ever met. We had a blast downtown Flagstaff looking for some edgy locations together. Here's only a few of my favorites from the session. Thanks Martin and good luck on all your upcoming races!

Martin's also famous for all his tattoos!

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  1. Well, nerves be damned, you did a great job! I always like looking at your stuff.