Thursday, July 3, 2008

Julie and Andrew

Julie and Andrew were married at the Arizona Golf Resort this past weekend. The event started with a golf tournament on Friday. We had to get going at around 7am since the temperature was going to be around 110F that day! Julie has a family of 12 siblings and most of them were there! I love shooting weddings with big families, it's amazing how much love surrounds everyone. I'm just beginning to go through the photos, but wanted to post a few of my favorites right away. Here are a couple of photos from the golf tournament. It was a lot of fun!

I love this photo of the groom, Andrew, he looks so happy!

Julie had a beautiful dress! I absolutely loved the details and the wrapped fabric. Thanks to Carla, daughter of the groom, for helping me stage this photo!

Julie had an amazing make-up artist come and do her and her sister and daughter's make-up. Her name is Julie Borman and she works out of Epic Salon in Phoenix. When I can find her contact info I'll put it under my Wedding Resource page!

This photo is right before we started Julie's bridal photo shoot. It was amazing to have so many of her sisters and family there to help out. Oh, and this was right before I started to cry because Julie was so beautiful. I just can't help it, sometimes the meaning of the day and being surrounded by so much love in one room just gets to me!

Julie looked so amazing!
Thanks to Grant and Julie's family for helping me move furniture around to accommodate my vision! I think it was worth it!

I loved Julie's flowers; it was a mixture of roses and peonies. Sadly, one of Julie and Andrew's friends passed away before the wedding. As a way to include him in their big day, the flowers were adorned by details that came from his memorial flowers. I thought that was really special and I loved the dragonfly.

Here's my best attempt of being Yervant! Ha! Julie was great and tried anything that I asked for. Well, maybe not jumping in the lake, but a bride has to have limits! Ha!

Andrew and Julie, thank you so much for letting me be there to document your day!

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