Friday, June 20, 2008

The Many Faces of Landon James

Landon just turned three months old. His life started out precarious with a week's stay in Newborn ICU where he fought off infections and jaundice. I'm happy to say he's 110% better now and judging by the smiles on his face, a very happy little boy! This little 3 month old was a joy to work with. He just kept making really funny expressions and I just kept snapping away! Here are some of my favorites from our short time together. Thanks Michelle and Jimmy for sharing your precious little one with me!

I love this photo...he looks so serious and interested in my clicking camera...

I LOVE bright backgrounds with little babies. I couldn't believe this was the color of their bedroom! How lucky can a photographer get?

One interesting thing about Landon...his eyes would change color depending on the lighting. Outside they looked more blue than brown.

This is what Landon thought of my flash:)

This is one photo that I wished more than anything that I had: a photo of my mom kissing me and hugging me.

Just up from a nap and ready to be a super-model!

Dad, Jimmy, and mom, Michelle with their little one.

It's hard work being the center of attention! A pooped Landon crashes out just as our photo session ended. Thanks for having me guys!

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  1. Melissa, your pictures of Nathan and Landon are...and this doesn't do justice...amazing.

    Not only do you capture their tiny personalities so well, your words are so sweet, you can tell the pictures are full of love. You made me cry. :)

    Of course, your wedding pics are amazing, too.

    Now hurry up and come visit us!!!! Love you.